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Laura by MeriFren Laura by MeriFren
Name: Laura

Surname: Hajdel

Age: 15

Personality: She is a lively and friendly girl. She has a very upbeat personality and she always thinks that everything will be fine. Although as a child she was a little bit anxious because of the criticisms often received from her father and teachers who want that she did her best in the study (she often skipped classes because she got sick quite easily, and however also when she was in class, she was often distracted because she daydreamed a lot), currently she is a pretty self-confident and sympathetic girl.
She still daydreams a lot and, sometimes, she can act in a little bit childish way, but however all her actions are done for a good purpose.
She has a good sense of humor and she likes to joke.

She likes: Cooking (she’s very good at it, and she is also very good at housework), home-made things, cute things, beautiful clothes, daydreaming, plants (by virtue of their dietary or therapeutic properties)

She dislikes:  Having to spend too much time studying, when her father scolds her

Zodiac: Acquarius

Birthday: 30/1

Laura’s Relationships:
- Her father and her mother: She gets along well with them, especially with her mother, but sometimes she’d like if her father was less strict.
- Her older brother Gunther: They get along very well, even if they’re very different. As Gunther know that their father is very strict, he prefers to help and support his younger sister rather than criticize her and in this way he often gets better results than the ones that are obtained by his father and the teachers of his sister. He appreciates the fact that her sister adores cooking, though sometimes he would prefer if she chatted less with others, especially because she often speaks about things about him
- Daut: He’s her boyfriend. They’re a cute couple who share the same lighthearted view of life.
- Quanika (… ): She’s Gunther girfriend. Quanika and Laura’re good friends, partly because Quanika is very anxious to get along with her boyfriend's sister and always try to please her.

- She tests her culinary experiments on her older brother… 
- Rather than limiting herself in food, she prefers to do a lot of physical exercise to keep fit.
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newAmine19 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015
She's such a cute girl! 
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Thank you so much! *w*
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